Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pregnancy and Hashimoto's

I've never been a huge fan of taking selfies of my growing bump.  Nor do I intend to do such a thing.  A year ago last August, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and adopted a Paleo lifestyle as a result.  Since finding out I am expecting again, living Paleo has been very very difficult to do.  I found myself not feeling satisfied.  I don't know how to ensure I am eating a good amount of calories on such a diet.  I found it lacking.  I can't tolerate wheat or any gluten filled grain.  Quinoa has been a life savor in savory side dishes because of its high protein content.  I love sweet potatoes and frequently will make a hash of sorts with butternut or acorn squash. 

My biggest concern is what my body could do to both baby and myself.  I knew my body attacks itself  and further research informed me my disease could also attack the life growing within me.  At 7 weeks, I had an ultrasound done confirming the pregnancy and that baby was here to stay.  So far, with just weeks to go, I haven't had any complications other than the unsightly swelling of feet and ankles, nausea, and vomiting.  Living with Hashimoto's makes it very difficult to find any medication gluten free.  I've opted for natural relief.  For nausea and to stave off vomiting, I have found fresh lemon slices in my water to be very helpful.  On days when I need extra help, I throw in a piece of fresh ginger.  I'd love to try the combination of raspberries for an added anti oxidant boost!  Heartburn is another that always accompanies my nausea with a vengence.  I think all those months on Prilosec OTC has lowered my stomach acid considerably.  Even though a doc would say to suppress heart burn with an ant-acid, I find my water with lemon helps significantly more.

I've learned a great deal about Hashimoto's and have found excellent rescources from other who have experienced it: and  I can't afford to everything they have done.  I can make simple modifications to diet .  I don't skimp on healthy fats... olive oil and coconut oil are what I cook with mostly.  I avoid hydrogenated oils, anything with soy and corn.  Sure vegetable oil is cheap.  But, the source of it and what constitutes it is questionable to me. 

These authors are incredible ladies who have put their autoimmune diseases into remission.  I read the Paleo Approach by the author of thepaleomom.  She has a PhD and has done extensive research as to what a healthy immune system looks like and how it functions to what causes autoimmunity and what the body does to itself as a result.  From what I've learned about fermenting wheat for bread, pancakes, muffins, ect. and the Paleo Approach book, I've concluded grain is not being prepared properly to be easily digested by the human family.  A lovely enemy called Phytic acid resides in seeds, beans, and some grains keeps all the nutrients from the seed, bean, or grain for itself causing nutrient deffiency, leaky gut, and the rise in autoimmunity.  My parents are great examples.  I made them bread using my "wild" fermented wheat.  My dad, skeptical and wary of bread due to digestive issues for years, found he did not have any digestive issues as a result.  Because I made the bread using coconut oil, it didn't spike my mom's blood sugar either.  So, I convinced them to purchase the book called: The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast.

I had labs done to see where my thyroid antibodies are.  They are quite low.  This is a blessing for me.  I feared my body would naturally lose the baby.  Thanks to a priesthood blessing, I have a loving Heavenly Father who is ever mindful of the risk I am taking in growing a body for a spirit son of his.  Yes, I have a boy coming. Bringing life into this world after Heavenly Father's appointed way, is very important to Him and He doesn't take it lightly.  Do it his way ( with a mother and a father married in His house) provides opportunity to bring to pass the eternal destiny for all his children.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 My toddler enjoyed all the baby animals from the petting zoo.  She is holding a baby chick.  I think her "mommy" instinct kicked in to hold the baby carefully.  Speaking of babies.
 I am ready to pop.  I am huge all over!  The picture is quite ghastly!  I've never liked how I looked  pregnant.  I've never liked the physical changes I experience.  One thing I can appreciate is this.  I understand how Mary, the mother of Jeus, felt.  Only, I didn't ride a donkey.  I was huge just as she was.  Giving birth was very close.  I firmly believed Heavenly Father took excellent care in providing for Mary and His Beloved Son.  He asked Joseph to be a father-like figure to Jesus.  He trusted and believed in Joseph so much to do this.  This reaffirmed my faith that I would be well taken care of from having a safe delivery to covering costs and doctor visits.
 Here he is!  Number 5!  I am thrilled to have him here!  10 days early.  I knew the joy and relief Mary felt upon the arrival of the Savior of the world.  Her heart swelled with an outpouring of love for the Son she bore just as mine did for this sweet boy.  He weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches long.  He was my longest.  You can't see it, but, this sweet man has a mole on his left temple.  His own little beauty mark! 
 Every nurse that saw him, took care of both of us, declard him to be the  cutest little thing that night.  All boys were born that night in the hospital.  From the nurses, each one looked like they've been through a battle getting here.  My grandma has a fettish for babies with perfectly round heads.  I think it bothers her when their heads are not as round as she likes.
My family came to see me and meet their new brother.  My toddler is a bit possessive of him as demonstrated by her intense gaze.  She repeatedly told each of her sibblings with an emphatic "NO" when they asked to hold the new guy.  Yep.  He's a keeper.  I am grateful for the experience to know of something that Mary must have felt. 


 We left an amazing ward in Glen Carbon.  The youth were simply amazing!  My eldest made great friends and won the admiration of a young man.  He became her best guy friend.  He treated her well and lit up like a Christmas Tree when she walked into the room.  She still keeps in contacts with her best friends there. She is slowly adjusting to a new ward with new youth.  Change doesn't come easy for her.  She'll find her way.
 This little one has made some pretty big adjustments.  No longer does she sleep in my bed anymore.  She has her own bed and still won't sleep in it.  So, she sleeps with her big sister.  She also became a big sister recently.  Big adjustment there for her.  Mittens, the black and white cat, is hers.  Mittens lets her do the unmentionables to her without complaint... rolling on her, sleeping with her, squishing her, ect.
 My best friend for life has had it the hardest next to my Beehive. Tired from such a long drive and the absence of a job really took its toll on him physically.  Thankfully, attitude adjustments are being made for the better and the fact the hubster is working has worked a number for the better on my family.
 My parents thought we needed something to cheer us up. Dad came home with the biggest acorns I'd ever seen.  He had the crazy idea of gluing eyes and noses on them and using the caps as hair or hats to complete the heads.  They turned out really cute!
 Then we went to the town square to relax, unwind, and enjoy the spring like weather we had.  Flip Flops in December is fabulous!  With a petting zoo and carriage rides, we enjoyed ourselves.  My eldest son picked up the largest bunny they had. Yep.  He's happy about it.
 My kids are back to their normal "chillax" ways.  Just for a bit. 
This guy, went around the pen trying with all his might to catch the duck.  Squirming in his arms, you can just hear the duck yell,"AFLAC!!"
Texas has been fabulous so far these past few months.  Everyone has been sick with bronchitis and the flu.  Now that I have the flu, I found a break between the coughing, sniffles, and headaches to show the highlights of our time here.  The day we moved, my eldest had IMEA ( Texas equivalant to all region band) and was third chair in her trumpet section.  Someone from St. Louis Univerisity came and dirrected the band.  He chose the funky arrangement of the students.

Before we left, my eldest son received his arrow of light.  His scout leader really wanted to be the one to give it to him.  The scout leaders decided to hold a special scout meeting just for him.

Another son passed his swim test!!  A regular fish in the water just like me!!
And saying," goodbye" to some of our little friends from nursery.  M little girl is only a couple of days younger than the cute dude  playing with her.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Provided for

December.  Typically there is snow blanketing the world outside the front door.  Icecicles hanging like windchimes from the gutters of the house.  Trees resembling abstract crystals of ice.  Not to mention all the red and green that December brings. 

This month, for me, I've had the opportunity to reflect.  There was a very real possibility that I could deliver on Christmas.  I wondered how Mary and Joseph felt.  Did Mary have unwaivering faith Joseph would find a place for them on that sacred night?  Did Mary trust God and her dear husband she and her baby would be provided for? 

My eternal companion worried constantly when our baby would be here.  I worried and prayed constantly to be able to obtain employment.  We both had two different Christmas wish lists.  Mine was for him to find work so we could still have insurance and the baby would be covered as well.  His was for the baby to be here.  I truely felt Heavenly Father would answer both our prayers.  Benjamin Kimball Smith came this week.  Today, my best friend was offered a job a few hours after his interview.  Yes, Mary did not doubt her sweet husband would find shelter... a safe place... for Jesus to be born.  It was quiet... apart from the animals in the stable.  I'm sure they too recognized their King.  Mary also had complete trust on God and Joseph that she and Jesus would be provided for.  Under the direction of Heaven, Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt when Herod threatened the Savior's life.  My hubby has employment to cover the needs of our family.  I am truely grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.  There is much to be thankful for at this wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be not dismayed

Much has happened to my family.  At times, it is difficult to se that we do have a wonderful life regardless of circumstances.  A big move has happened due to circumstances beyond our control.  Baby number 5 is coming in less than 10 weeks.  I am in a warmer climate and very glad I don't have to wear wool socks and sock liners day and night as a result.  My three eldest are adapting to new schools and a new way of life where respect is a high priority and politeness reigns.  Huh.  Even the people take their time getting to where they need to be regardless of a time table.  I LOVE Texas!

I hope to see these in bloom next year.  With my eternal companion out of work for a month, I was taught a very valuable lesson my last Sunday in the Glen Carbon Ward.  My Bishop had asked that I choose my family's favorite hymns.  I taught my kids How Firm a Foundation when I use to serve in Primary.  I felt that needed to be the opening hymn.  I learned why.  The third verse had never felt more powerful than that Sunday.

Fear not, I am with thee  oh, be not dismayed.
For I am thy God and will still give the aid.
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand...
upheld by my righteous
upheld by my righteous
upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand. 

With things very tight, a labor and delivery I need to pay for upfront ( my part after Cobra), the move, school supplies and physicals, I heard the voice of my Savior speak the those wonderful words and strengthen me.  I love my best friend.  He works hard to support me and our growing family.  It is inspiring to know the Savior knew exactly what I need to comfort me.  Even though I am beginning to worry again, I still hear those words being spoken by Him reassuring me everything will turn out alright.  I can't see the steps to get there, nor do  I know what the end result will be.  I just know the Lord has a way of making it work for our own good.  He is my foundation.  He's the most solid thing I know will hold me up as well as each member of my family.  How grateful I am for His comforting words!